Moms Aren”t “Allowed” to be Sick

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Jennifer Callewaert thought she had a stomach bug. As office manager for Rozin Internal Medicine in Lawrenceville, she is around patients all day, and by the time she got home that day, she felt very nauseous. Later that night, when she began experiencing severe back pain, Jennifer called Spencer Rozin, M.D., who met her at Gwinnett Medical Center. A CT-scan confirmed that Jennifer had gallstones and that surgery was in order.

“I take care of myself and have a routine physical each year,”# explains Jennifer. “Other than the occasional minor illness, I have no other need to see a doctor.”#

She admits that having a doctor to turn to for advice was a great comfort. As part of his concierge practice, she knows how well Dr. Rozin takes care of his patients but never thought she would have to experience it first hand. “He met me at the hospital and then proceeded to coordinate every aspect of my medical care.”#

Jennifer recalls how attentive and wonderful her GMC nurses were. “They even let my five-year-old son ride on the stretcher with me as I was headed into surgery.”# Even better, she is very complementary of her surgeon”s handiwork. Three days after surgery, Jennifer went home with just a small, belly button incision from laparoscopic procedure that removed her gallbladder.

Today, Jennifer is more aware of what her body can tolerate and has modified her diet to include more fruits, vegetables and lean meats. This has positively impacted the way her son eats, too. As for friends her age who, like Jennifer, have no real need to see a doctor, she now has a better perspective on the advantages of a healthier lifestyle and encourages others her age to start taking care of themselves now.

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