Money Saving Beauty Tips

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In today”s day in age, many people don”t have extra money to spare after expenses. Personal items like cosmetics, skincare, nail and hair products may get ditched for other necessary budget needs. But just because you have to tighten your wallet that doesn”t mean it has to cramp your style! It”s simple to be flawlessly beautiful on a budget. With just a few cost-effective beauty products and a lot what you already have on hand, you can create sexy, updated looks on a dime.

Below is a list of money-saving beauty tips we found helpful:

Out of Blush? Sweep some of that leftover summer bronzer onto the hollows of the cheeks to create a glow that is great for winter as well.

Plump Your Lips. Sparkly eye shadow is said to give your lips your the effect of fullness if dabbed in the center.

Homemade Exfoliates and Face Masks. Instead of spending money on pricey scrubs and face masks, make yours at home. Brown sugar and honey mixed together are great natural exfoliates and ingredients like egg whites, oatmeal, sugar and even pumpkin make great masks. Click here for some recipes ideas or search the Internet for many more.

Don”t Sweat a Scuff. When your French manicure chips, save your money and time by touching up with White-Out instead of going back to the nail salon.

Skip the Makeup Remover. Johnson”s No More Tears Baby Shampoo and Vaseline are cheap and gentle eye makeup removers. Vaseline is also perfect for fixing those wintery chapped lips.

Prolong Your Shampoo. Most people only need to wash their hair every other day. Not only does this save on shampoo, but it also keeps your hair healthier since overwashing can dry it out. Also, always purchase shampoo and conditioner in the largest size possible – it tends to be the most cost efficient.

Lather Yourself for Less. Choose bar soap instead of body wash” they”re less expensive, last forever and create less waste, so you”ll be environmentally friendly using it.

Make a Bedtime Braid. Braiding your hair before you go to bed is a great breakage preventer, and it also works when you”re exercising or growing out bangs.

Never Skimp on the Sunscreen. The first beauty product you should apply daily is sunscreen, even if it”s cloudy or rainy outside. Sunscreen will help you keep your gorgeous skin longer into 50″s, 60″s and 70″s.

Less Always is More. Ever notice how some of your girlfriends may look their best with no makeup at all? No matter how old you are, too much makeup can make you look worse. If you wearing the contents of makeup bag everyday, then you”re overdoing it and it can cause even more breakouts. Tone it down with a great mascara, concealer for blemishes and tinted gloss.

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