Money Wise: Budgets You Can Bank On

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These days, spending frivolously is out, and budgeting and saving is in. With smart phones and iPads, budgeting is easy and can be done, literally, in the palm of your hand. Gone are the days of pen and paper or the ole” checkbook ledger, today”s new smartphone apps will do all the calculating for you.

Here are some of the hottest budgeting apps available:

  • Mint – Get your finances in order with Mint. This application accesses your bank account information and calculates your debts and savings to help you organize your finances, set a budget and reduce debt.
  • Pageonce – Never pay a bill late again! This application gives users a list of their outstanding bills and reminds them when they are due.
  • inDinero – inDinero is a budget app specifically for small businesses. It helps business owners easily monitor the financial health of their company including income, spending and helps identify trends and where to cut costs.

Another handy way to keep up with your finances is to download your personal bank”s smartphone application or sign up for low balance text alerts. Check your bank”s website to see what types of electronic banking tools they offer.