My Latest Beauty Secret

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Indulge in a little self pampering or learn a new makeup trick with these tips for fall. From threading to lip stain, we”ve got the latest ways to feel pretty.

Botox for Underarms:
You may think of Botox as a method of looking younger, but it can serve another purpose, too. It can help eliminate excessive underarm sweat, and if you”re found to have axillary hyperhidrosis (over active sweat glands in your armpits), you may even be able to get your insurance to pay for it.

Eyebrow Threading:
Originally popular in India, this trend is gaining popularity as a hair removal method. It beats plucking or tweezing because it removes hair in one clean line. Results tend to be similar to waxing and typically last for several weeks.

Eyelash Tint:
For those that don”t want to think about wearing mascara daily, your eyelashes can be tinted to eliminate the need for mascara. The most dramatic results are seen on women with blonde eyelashes.

Lip Stain:
If you are prone to having more lipstick on your teeth than on your lips, this product might be for you. It provides semi-permanent color that doesn”t fade or come off quite so easily. And, it works well with lip gloss, too. Word to the wise: exfoliate your lips before you apply.

Go Glamorous!

When it comes to your eyes, go with green, brown or purple. The 80s are popular this fall, so don”t be afraid to make your eyes pop with a little dramatic, smoky action. If you want to look younger, consider putting your tweezers away and going for a slightly fuller eyebrow.

You”ll want to play up your lips by choosing a shade of red, purple or berry. However, don”t go too overboard with color. Play up your eyes or you lips, not both!

For the most natural look, consider mixing foundation and facial moisturizer for a subtle glow.

Keep your hair looking natural with loose, soft curls. Don”t be afraid to sport a ponytail or sweep your hair back out of your face.

Reach for bottles of gold, bronze or dark purple polish.