Naughty or Nice

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by Jeffrey Heaton

If you've behaved, maybe Santa will bring you gifts like these…

Gwinnett Magazine wanted answers to the question that”s on everybody”s mind at this time of year – what would people really like for Christmas? We”re talking about actual gifts, not wishes such as peace on earth. We all want that.

From sexy shoes to shiny new cars, the following pages reveal some of the most interesting answers. Perhaps some of these gifts match what”s on your list … Don”t hesitate to tab some pages and pass this issue along to someone who has you in mind this holiday season. You might want to circle page 38 on how to give thoughtful presents.

Holley Calmes
"I”d love a week beside the pool of my favorite resort on Captiva Island, Florida. After three weeks of Gwinnett Ballet “Nutcracker” performances, I”m going to need it!"

Amy Clanahan
"A pair of Christian Louboutin pumps Have you seen a pair?! Fabulous."



Sherry Cossey

Canon EOS 10D Camera w/ a 80 – 300 zoom lens and a 2GB memory card 7X. "I have four children that I love to take pictures of."

Canon EOS 10D
Whether you want to capture the fast-paced action of your son”s soccer game or you”re clearly the next Arnold Newman, the Canon EOS 10D is a great step into the realm of photography. Its family line has changed the face of digital SLRs for good. With a light-weight chassis, improved auto focus, and a new LCD screen, the EOS 10D is available where ever Canon products are sold.


Mike Dominy
Rolex GMT Master III, stainless and gold
"It”s a brand new Rolex model which will replace the GMT Master II which I now wear."

Last year”s Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II (pending release of III)
Watches are not just timepieces – they are a statement of style. A testament to personality the wearer. And one of the few pieces of jewelry men can wear all the time. A beautifully-crafted watch is a piece of functional art. The Oyster Perpetual GMT- Master II by Rolex is just this. With 18-karat gold bezel, an independently adjustable 12-hour hand, and special 24-hour bezel and hand, this watch shows subtle power.


Dana Johns
"Golf cart – Stay out of traffic and save on gas!"


Tanya Jones
Jewelry from the Shane Company
"The quality is spectacular and they really stand behind their product – even years after the sale. It”s the next best thing to Tiffany”s at much lower prices."


Jamie Kennedy
Widescreen HDTV
"To properly enjoy the rest of football season and the final season of “The Sopranos”".

Widescreen HDTV
Just be honest. What”s more enjoyable than the brilliant and crisp viewing pleasure you get from a massive high quality television? Nothing. From the start of football season to the end of your daily soap opera, HDTVs are a fine gift, able to send any recipient into fits of glee. Available in many styles at your local Best Buy.


Christy Kerns
A long cruise in the Greek Isles
"I want to relax, explore and have an adventure!"

Cruise in the Greek Isles
Exotic, exciting and elegant, the Greek Isles are the perfect destination to get away to. From its rich history as part one of greatest civilizations to its 6,000 differen

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