“Never Go A Day Without Laughing”

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Elaina, 2007

Heroes Project Update: Elaina Schreckenberger

When we last visited with Elaina Schreckenberger in 2007, she was an exuberant ninth grader at Collins Hill High School with a goal of becoming a doctor or nurse working with childhood cancer patients. Now, with a scholarship from the American Cancer Society, she is pursuing her dream as a Pre-Nursing major in her second semester at Georgia College and State University. “I honestly believe one of my greatest triumphs is that I am still here today.” She continues, “I am hoping to become an oncology nurse to support children that go through what I went through all those years ago.”

As a child, Elaina battled stage four neuroblastoma – a type of cancer found in infants and young children. She credits her family”s positive attitude and natural love to laugh as things that kept her going through the harder parts of her treatment. Her advice – “Keep your head up and never go a day without laughing.”

Elaina, 2011

As of January 9, our 2007 Hero celebrated thirteen years cancer free of what she considers more surviving than just being in recovery. “I am growing up and becoming more and more of an adult every day,” said Elaina.

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