Norcross Citizens Meet for Visioning Workshop

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norcross-visionTorrential rains last week couldn”t stop more than 40 Norcross residents from meeting to discuss the city”s 2034 Comprehensive Plan – a document which lays out the community”s vision.

Hosted by Norcross City Planner Christ McCrary and a local engineering firm, the workshop was set up to solicit public input for the “the Comp Plan,” which McCrary said seeks to “ensure that we have all the right steps, strategies and policies in place.”

A news release from the municipality said that the meeting also “made an exciting stride towards bridging the city”s cultural gap.” In 2012, Norcross annexed more than two square miles, expanding the community”s footprint, which had remained unaltered for more than 145 years.

According to the news release: “Buford Highway changed from a road that bordered the city”s outer limits to a literal and symbolic line bisecting the new community.” During the recent meeting, residents from both sides of the highway assembled in the room to share their visions for the future.

Norcross Police Detective Arelis Rivera said she was “impressed with the reaction of some of the members of the community that were present…I was so pleased to see the gathering of residents and how their ideas and concers were so similar. It was an honor to be a part of that experience.

Surveys, more public workshops and a citizen-based steering committee will continue to help define Norcross” physical plans for the future.


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