Norcross Residents Can Decide City”s Vision

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norcross-cloudsNorcross residents: Want to play a role in defining the city”s future?

City residents, business owners and civic leaders are invited to “Imagine Our Future” in three workshops designed to help update the City of Norcross” Comprehensive (Comp) Plan.

The first Visioning Workshop (open to the public at no charge) will take place from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Aug. 22, in the Norcross Community Center”s Main Ballroom at 10 College St.

The meeting will include two segments:

” a brief presentation by the planning team Jacobs, highlighting initial analysis of the city”s existing plans, trends and needs; and

” small group discussions centered on collecting input from the public regarding the driving factors that should shape the city”s future.

Workshop attendees will be asked to consider what types of recreation they want to see, identify areas for revitalization and new development, discuss transportation needs and possible lifestyle amenities.

Their ideas will be compiled with additional community input gathered through surveys and other public participation opportunities. The collective input will help set the foundation for the Comp Plan”s update, which becomes the City”s roadmap for the next 20 years.

“The Comprehensive (Comp) Plan is basically a guiding policy document for the City of Norcross,”# explains Norcross Community Development Director Chris McCrary.#”It lays out the vision for our community for 20 years ahead and ensures that we have the right steps, strategies, and policies in place to achieve that vision.”#

Norcross is updating its plan to reflect progress made since the plan was last updated in 2008, and to meet state planning requirements.#The City recently annexed a significant portion of land near I-85 which triggered the need for a plan update, as did the recession, which impacted lifestyle trends and development plans locally, as well as across the nation.

Norcross” planning process was formally kicked-off at the July 22, City Council Meeting and is targeted for completion in May 2014.

For more information about Norcross”s Comprehensive Plan Update, contact Chris McCrary, Community Development Director, at 770-421-2027 or

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