Nurturing Greatness: How to Empower Your Child

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by Jenna Scott, HEARTS for Families

Empowering your children causes them to believe that they have the power to pursue their dreams. An empowered child will grow up to be an adult who can create a rewarding life and achieve his/her goals.


Quick Tips:

  • While grocery shopping: Give your kids their own shopping lists and encourage questions.
  • Ask their opinions.
  • When children tell you about future dreams, such as what they want to be when they grow up: Encourage them, no matter how absurd the goal.
  • Apologize when you make a mistake.
  • When children feel afraid or upset: Acknowledge their feelings and respect them as genuine, so they feel validated and safe to express that emotion.
  • Use positive affirmations, such as “You are helpful and caring.” This will increase your child”s self confidence, positive attitude and beliefs needed to create joyful experiences
  • Let them experience being frustrated, struggling, making mistakes, and finding a solution.
  • When you want your child to do something: Give limited choices instead of a direct order or threat. Example: “Do you want to put the big blocks away first, or the small blocks?”
  • Let them say “no” to you, when appropriate.
  • Give children greater responsibilities.
  • Love them unconditionally, for who they are, not what they do.
  • When you say “I love you”: Look into your child”s eyes, with sincerity.