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Pantyhose are the work of Satan…

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We are all familiar with the phrase, "The best is yet to come." Most of us have heard it to varying degrees all our lives. Maybe not so much lately…and truth be told, it tends to be one we hear less and less as we get older. The media and pop culture doesn”t help in confirming that notion either. According to the latest TMZ show or any other weekly entertainment magazine, if you haven”t "made it" by time you are 30, you are pretty much over the hill and your best days are most certainly behind you.

I don”t know exactly when it happened, but at some point I started to believe my best days were behind me. It”s not like it was a conscious thing. It”s just – well, life happens! Between marriage, kids, work, family obligations, deaths and illnesses, let”s just say we can all get "distracted!"

I think sometimes we just quit believing in our dreams. The reality is that life can be merciless. We get hurt, disappointed, rejected or worse. Mentally we can just end up so far away from the core "hope" and "idea" of who we are and aspire to be. It usually happens slowly over time–so slowly that you don”t even realize it”s taking place.

But you know what the cool thing is? We can reclaim our dreams and highest aspirations for ourselves at any time! We can choose to believe again. It requires being conscious and proactive about the thoughts and beliefs we allow in our brain in the first place. And also doing some serious pruning from time to time.

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