Partnership Gwinnett: A Proven Track Record. A Promising Future.

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by Jim Maran

Gwinnett County has long been a community known for its pro-business, entrepreneur-friendly environment. Sure, we”ve seen our fair share of ups and downs, but at the end of the day, Gwinnett continues to be successful for one reason, its people. From the Chamber and private business community to government, education, healthcare institutions, citizens and regional partners, Gwinnett has created for itself a sustainable, long-term solution to economic and community success. That solution is none other than our nationally – and internationally – award winning initiative, Partnership Gwinnett.

Launched just five years ago as a shared vision for our community to be globally known for job growth, a flourishing business environment, and a superior quality of life, Partnership Gwinnett could have been like some communities with a plan left on a shelf, collecting dust.# Now, with over 200 relocations and expansions representing more than 10,000 new jobs, it”s an internationally-recognized reality and testament to what can be achieved through a unified voice.

As expected at the outset of this initiative, the solid strategy put in place by Gwinnett”s community members before the economic downturn has ensured that Gwinnett County continues to rebound quicker than our neighbors. Just last week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the metro Atlanta area unemployment rate dropped from 10.4 percent in January to 10.2 percent in February. Gwinnett County”s unemployment rate is the lowest in the five core counties in the metro area, falling by .1 percent to 9.1 percent.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also released that Gwinnett County”s employment growth outpaced the national average on a year-over-year basis from Q3, 2009 to Q3, 2010. This puts Gwinnett County as number one in year-over- year percentage employment growth among the largest counties in Georgia.

These results did not just happen by chance. Through the collective efforts of over 160 investor and partner organizations in the Partnership Gwinnett initiative, we have intentionally committed to the recovery of our county and the state of Georgia.

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