Passion Shines Through Gwinnett”s Gems

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Founder and Chairman, Frank M. Circelli, GG leads by example hosting a recent network Special Event.

Starting with a creative idea and a true lifelong passion for gemstones, Frank Circelli, G.G. was motivated to build a business that brought quality jewelry into the privacy of homes across America. Now more than 20 years later, Circelli is Founder and Chairman of the Gem Shopping Network, Inc., a 24hr shopping channel. This exceptional channel showcases rare gemstones and designer jewelry reaching close to 40 million households across the nation.

Gem Shopping Network, which was built upon the brand promise of honesty, integrity and education, aired its first show in Gwinnett on May 10, 1997. Circelli, who was already known for the first and original gemstone show “Gemstones with Frank,”# strived to educate viewers on precious stones, deliver unique jewelry pieces and make the show an interactive experience between the client and the host.

Today, the network is in its 15th year as a local business with over 150 employees and one new CEO, PJ Lynch, at the helm. First hired as a business consultant in 2010, Circelli said, “There was no way he was leaving us when his contract was done at year end.”## Lynch is a distinguished graduate from the Air Force Academy, a Hertz Fellow from MIT and a Palmer Scholar from the Wharton School of Business.# Lynch was named CEO in early 2011. Bringing a rich mix of corporate experience and his own track record of impressive accomplishments, Lynch is taking the business to the next level while honoring the unwavering brand promise Circelli set in place at the beginning.

“It”s a high obligation and honor to have been asked to assume this leadership role to grow our business with the freedom to innovate within our brand promise.”# Lynch says. Circelli still oversees the company in a big picture approach. Lynch says Circelli, “sprinkles his magic dust”# when he, for example, hosts a live show special event. Moving into the Chairman”s role now enables Frank and his wife, Emily Brantley Circelli, to devote more of their time to their three daughters and to charitable endeavors, a passion they both share.

Lynch”s leadership is vital to the business and is delivering growth despite the current challenging economic conditions. “We”re a vibrant, growing business, which is not typical for today”s times. In 2009, our Founder built a brand new 40,000-square-foot facility in Gwinnett County in the middle of an economic downturn for our country. We are now at job fairs looking for talent; people who are passionate about what they do and are willing to work hard,”# Lynch says.

The success of this flourishing business is a credit to our dedicated team. “The Gem Shopping Network family is a diverse group of people who have helped make the business what it is today and are actively engaged in writing our next chapter of success.”# Lynch says.
Gem Shopping Network is more than just selling merchandise – it”s an# interactive experience where the customers” desires are met with an exclusive and unique array of colored gemstones and jewelry that are not typically available from your local jeweler.

The Gem Shopping Network can be seen on DirecTV, Dish Network, Charter, Comcast, Time Warner or via live streaming at

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