Past Accomplishments Predict Strong Future

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What is past is prologue, according to an old, familiar adage. Assuming that to be the case, Gwinnett County Public Schools is primed for a high degree of success in 2008-09, based on last year”s many accomplishments.

A review of the school year that ended on May 21 provides evidence that Georgia”s largest school system is also one of its most renowned. GCPS earned high marks for performance and results in 2007-08 in both our core business—teaching and learning—and in system operations. The following are but a few highlights from a year filled with reasons to celebrate:

  • GCPS students once again outscored the state and nation on the SAT and ACT college entrance exams. Our average score on the ACT set a new record high for the school system.
  • The Broad Foundation honored GCPS with a $3.7 million grant to support our professional development program for aspiring principals.
  • The Class of 2008, the largest ever with more than 8,000 graduates, earned a record number of appointments to United States military academies and brought home more than $88 million in scholarship earnings, excluding HOPE scholarships.
  • In February, a $750 million general obligation bond referendum was approved by voters in every Gwinnett precinct to continue classroom construction and technology improvements.
  • In April, we became one of only five school districts in the country to earn a triple-A rating on our bonds from both major rating agencies, Moody”s Investor Services and Standard and Poors.
  • Twelve Gwinnett high schools are included in Newsweek”s list of top high schools in America, based on participation in Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate courses.
  • Berkmar High is one of the three schools in the nation to win the prestigious "Inspiration Award" by the College Board in recognition of Berkmar”s increased student participation in AP courses and exams.
  • Numerous state championships in academics and athletics were captured by Gwinnett teams and students, continuing our long tradition of academic and extracurricular excellence.

The accolades could go on and on, a testament to the hard work and dedication of our students, teachers and administrators. We are proud of our past accomplishments, but we do not rest on them. Instead, they inspire us to continue to improve and achieve at ever-higher levels. In today”s world, if you are not constantly moving forward, you are falling behind. Using the prologue of our successes in 2007-08, we look forward to making 2008-09 a year of even more significant achievement.

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