Peachtree Christian Hospice

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Peachtree Christian Hospice Play ButtonFostering a Homelike Environment for Individuals with Life-Limiting Illnesses

When in search of end of life care for a terminally ill loved one, you want to find a place where you know they”ll be comfortable, safe and cared for from the best. You want them to feel at home in the care of others as if it was an extension of you tending to their needs personally.

At Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, their dedicated United Hospice staff provides professional, around-the-clock care that focuses on compassion and love for all their patients and families. “We”re like the ICU for hospice. We do a lot of intervention at our center that can”t be done at home,”# says Administrator Natalie McNeal. “We also work very closely as a team, and with our devoted volunteers, to make sure the patient and their families” holistic needs are being met.”# Developing and implementing a plan of care for each individual patient that comes through their door, the center is easily recognized as one of the finest acute hospice centers in the nation.

“Our center is unlike any hospital or institution. Being a short-term facility, comfort is key and each of our bedrooms feel as though they belong in someone”s own home,”# says Peachtree Christian Hospice Board President and Chairman, Martha Todd. “Also, as designed by my late husband, Bill Todd, every bedroom opens to our beautiful gardens and courtyard, so the patients will never feel confined inside their room.”# In addition, family members and visitors are provided with in-room reclining chairs, roll-away beds, and private and spacious family rooms and family baths to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

The concept of the hospice center first came to light in 1998 when Peachtree Christian Church began to explore the idea of expanding their signature community ministries. The famed developer and philanthropist, D. Scott Hudgens, approached the church about the idea of opening a hospice center in his beloved Gwinnett County community.

Hudgens offered to fund the cost of building the hospice center, as well as donating eight serene acres of property, if Peachtree Christian Church sponsored the center moving forward. Clearly coinciding with their mission of ministry, the church quickly accepted his offer. Bill and Martha Todd were named project managers, and later became Co-Chairs of the Peachtree Christian Hospice Board of Directors.

Since opening in October 2000, Peachtree Christian Hospice has cared for more than 8,000 patients with uncompromising compassion, comfort, hope, and dignity. Peachtree Christian Hospice also hosts yearly fundraising events to continue to maintain a top flight facility for their patients. Every spring, the center hosts a black tie gala at the Atlanta Athletic Club and every fall, they host a golf tournament at St. Ives Country Club.

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