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Perfect Night Out

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Rainbow Village CEO Nancy Yancey is more of a homebody when it comes to an evening of relaxing. Her idea of a Perfect Night Out is really a perfect nightin, spending quality time those she loves.

“My perfect night out would be spent with my family and friends preparing a meal together and enjoying good wine, food, and conversation,” Yancey said. Her son”s home is the typical gathering place for the Yanceys, “because the space is so great for entertaining.”

Her husband, adult children, and their significant others have made it part of their routines. It”s better than going out to eat, she said, because they can relax a little. “It”s much nicer than any restaurant experience we could ever have.”

As CEO of Rainbow Village, Yancey said she is blessed to be part of an organization “that transforms the lives of homeless families with children.”

She”s been with Rainbow Village for 20 years of its 22 year history and is now seeing the children and youth that lived there int he past “returning as happy and healthy adults. It doesn”t get any better…one family, one life at a time forever changed. Thanks be to God.”