Planning a Great Date

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by Kim Fowler

It”s date night! Whether you”ve been married for over 20 years or having a first date, everyone needs a romantic night out. However, these nights are rare and may be nerve racking when it comes to making plans. There”s no reason you should be worried about anything other than your outfit if you take the planning process step by step.

Think and do some research for the itinerary.If taking your significant other out, you already know their preferences. Last time you went to the Opera, he or she fell asleep so that can be taken off the idea list. If you are taking someone out for the first or second time, asking for their preferences or just going generic isn”t a bad idea. Planning a gourmet burger outing when your date is a vegetarian is a mistake that can be easily avoided with a few questions.

Activity. Going to a movie is fun, but it only makes for a great date if both parties wanted to see the movie and there is a follow up activity. The point of going out for a night is to spend some quality time together. You can”t exchange conversation facing a screen. Think of something that can get you talking or laughing.

Food. I personally don”t consider a date really a date unless there is food involved. Picking a place with variety keeps you from shrugging at the menu. Whether it”s a favorite eatery in mind or using Urbanspoon.com, eating together is a time to relax and enjoy each other”s company.

Cost. Fun and great dates don”t have to be expensive. A picnic in the park can cost as much as sandwich supplies. Groupon allows you to get deals on anything from movie or music tickets to fancy dining. Depending on how elegant you want the date atmosphere to be, breaking the bank should not be an excuse for postponing date night.

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