Preparing for Her Biggest Step of All

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Nichelle, 2010

Heroes Project Update: Nichelle Coltrain

Our 2010 Hero, Nichelle Coltrain has been in remission from stage IV ovarian cancer for almost four years. She has overcome biopsies, surgery and rounds of chemotherapy, but she may just be preparing for her biggest step of all – middle school.

This Norton Elementary School fifth grader has really come into her own and her mature nature will suit her well when she enters the doors of middle school next year. “She has developed even more of a sense of independence and confidence that I could never have dreamed of,” says Nichelle”s mother, Kimberly Coltrain.

Nichelle, 2011

Nichelle has come into her own by being active at school. She has received a supporting role in her fifth grade musical and currently serves as a safety patrol officer and a Junior Girl Scout. She has also been the Honorary Relay For Life Chairperson for her school for five years.

As far as the cancer treatments go, Nichelle will need just one more CAT scan with contrast and then she will be released to ultrasounds once a year.

But cancer will never define Nichelle. Kimberly says, “I have met so many people that I have been able to minister to because I am able to empathize as opposed to sympathize. As my friend pointed out, it”s not pity that we need – it”s prayers.”# Nichelle will definitely be all right because she is always herself, doesn”t make excuses and stays strong.

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