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Dick and Phylecia, 2008

Heroes Project Update: Dick and Phylecia Wilson

Since appearing as two of our 2008 Heroes, Dick and Phylecia Wilson have been busy. Phylecia, our stellar volunteer, has continued her work with Relay For Life. “I have been involved in Relay For Life International training and serve as chair of the International Relay For Life Advisory and Training Team,” says Phylecia.

Last February, Dick and Phylecia also had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Australia where they worked with the Aussies for Relay For Life. They had 23 meetings in nine days and still got the chance to sight see. “We were able to see the sights in Sydney and Melbourne,” she recalls. “After the training, we took a week together and traveled in Queensland and snorkeled at the Great Barrie Reef.”

Dick and Phylecia, 2011

As for their news on treatments and triumphs, now five years since his surgery for bladder and prostate cancer, Dick was declared cancer free in April 2010. And, February 28 (Phylecia”s birthday) marked 10 years since Phylecia was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia. In April, it will be 10 years since she started on Gleevec, a trial drug developed through an American Cancer Society research grant. “It”s still working (Gleevec) – not a cure but I”m still in remission – and because the drug is targeted my quality of life is superior!” said Phylecia.

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