Proof That Advertising Works!

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Finally! Absolute Proof That Advertising Works!

Many businesses are skeptical about the value of advertising, especially today when business is bad, and every cost is being scrutinized to the #nth degree for survival. Companies say that it's easy to evaluate the performance of a sales representative. The results are right there. But advertising? It#s an intangible. You can#t measure its value in any meaningful way; so many cut the budget.

But you can measure the value of business-to-business advertising. See how advertising in a business-to-business situation will help.

1. Making Contact

In studying the buying influences of companies, research shows that most companies make regular sales calls on only a fraction (10%) of their buying influences. The rest are left unattended. Advertising fills the gap with the other 90% who can#t be called upon regularly. Advertising extends the company#s reach. It makes regular contact with buying influencers that sales people may have never reached, and with outstanding cost effectiveness. Today#s typical personal sales call costs about $259. Wow! But the typical advertising sales call cost is only about 15

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