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Publisher Letter: September/October 2015

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As fall and football gear up, we’re happy to share the excitement of the high school season in this issue by highlighting just a few of the county’s many outstanding players.

Our coverage not only speaks to our readers’ support and interest in high school athletics; it also reflects the role of Gwinnett Magazine in the community.

After all, we’re the cheerleaders – and it’s a job we love. We love to see businesses grow and prosper and look to highlight those stories of innovation, hard work and ingenuity in our Business Pages. We love to see our readers enjoy life, find success, support their community and celebrate their neighbors. Those are Gwinnett Magazine stories through and through.

Right now, we’re in our Best of Gwinnett season. It’s rewarding for us to engage with readers and business alike on our annual reader poll.  Several hundred businesses and business owners have already downloaded the Vote Now! button to post on their website and social media pages. We’ve seen signs outside of businesses, Best of Gwinnett ribbons added to email signatures, and scores of website banners. (And if I happen to be in your office, restaurant or business and you have a Best of Gwinnett plaque collection that takes up an entire wall, I’m going to take a picture of it for sure. With you in front of it. I might try to hug you, too.)

The groundswell of pride in what we do is inspiring to us. When it comes down to it, the services we provide, the products we create, the customers we help… those are the experiences that impact each of us every day. And taking pride in what we do and how we do it is one of the things that makes our community so strong. To have so many resources in our backyard — for employment, education, healthcare, entertainment and more – is one of the factors that makes Gwinnett such a great place to live. Behind every business are real people, giving back to the community, helping each other and making the most of life.

Stay tuned for all the honorees in our upcoming 2015 Best of Gwinnett issue at the end of the year. Right now, there’s still time to nominate and vote for your favorites at You can vote from our Gwinnett Magazine Facebook page, too. Join the tens of thousands of voters who’ve already weighed in! Tell your friends and share your favorite Best of Gwinnett contenders.

Thanks to our community for making our jobs enjoyable. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to cheer on businesses and readers alike for years to come. We hope you’ll help us spread goodwill and good news. Support our local businesses and advertisers. Help us set the bar high and celebrate all we have!

All the best,
Dana K. Urrutia

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