Real Women, Great Journeys

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”#

On August 25 at the Gwinnett Place Marriott, United Way Women”s Leadership Council honored four extraordinary women in the Gwinnett community for their work in realizing the changes they want to see. The recipients of the 9th Annual United Way Legacy Awards are Davida Baker for time; Connie Wiggins for talent; Karen Fine Saltiel for treasure; and Ethel Andersen for legacy. These women devoted their time, their talent, and shared their treasures through their leadership, fundraising, and advocacy for the needy.

Ethel Andersen – Legacy
Ethel Andersen has helped launch some of Gwinnett County”s best-known community organizations. Ethel is a “quiet leader”# who never seeks public recognition but encourages others from the background, allowing them to be the faces of her causes. Ethel is a former state assistant attorney general and administrative law judge. In the past, she has used these credentials to serve as volunteer coordinator for the Gwinnett Board Association”s Truancy Prevention Project. In addition, as an estate planner, she routinely encourages her clients to consider philanthropy as a means of leaving their own legacy.

Connie Wiggins – Talent
Connie Wiggins, executive director of Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful, has played an important role in the beautification of Gwinnett County by making the county a national innovator in recycling and litter prevention. Connie hopes to instill a respect for the environment in Gwinnett”s next generation of leaders by teaching thousands of children, educators, and parents the importance of environmental stewardship. In addition to working for a sales tax campaign that funded road improvement and implemented green space in Gwinnett, Connie has played a major role in bringing Georgia Gwinnett College to the county.

Karen Fine Saltiel – Treasure
Karen is a respected leading advocate for non-profit funding in Gwinnett County.
Described as a woman of “great intelligence, humor, and compassion,”# she funnels her experience in finance, human resources, and law into helping others by serving on a number of non-profit organizations. As chairman and president of The Primerica
Foundation, Karen has overseen the awarding of more than $600,000 to 26 nonprofit agencies, most of which are in Gwinnett County. Though Karen”s personal generosity is substantial, she prefers to give anonymously to causes that will make a brighter community future.

Davida Baker – Time
Davida Baker works tirelessly to effect the change she wants to see, starting with Gwinnett County. Her love for children in particular has greatly benefited some of Gwinnett County”s youngest citizens. Davida”s passion took shape several years ago when, with her church”s support, she developed Project Kids Eat, a program that addresses one of the most basic of human needs”nutritious meals. Every weekday during June, July and August, Davida works with the Campus Church of Christ in Norcross to deliver breakfast, lunch, and dinner to children living in extended-stay motels.