Reinventing Himself Today

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Mark, 2008

Heroes Project Update: Mark Waters

It”s been 11 years since Mark Waters first heard the word – cancer – and his name mentioned in the same sentence. At that time, he started his personal war against the dreaded disease that has taken so many lives. Mark recalls, “I was blessed to have great doctors and the latest research in my army in my battle with the Big C.”

But, only five years after his personal battle with cancer, his wife, Judy, had to have emergency heart bypass surgery. “By the grace of God,” she recovered nicely. To take some of the added stress off their family, Mark chose to sell his small business and continue a sales career in the Oriental rug and furniture industry.

Mark, 2011

Given the opportunity to reinvent himself at age 64, our 2008 Hero enrolled at DeKalb Technical College to obtain his Commercial Drive”s License. “For some this would not be exciting, but ask my wife, I love to drive.” He continues, “I have a photographic memory, I love people and I never get sleepy behind the wheel. So, around the first of April, I will launch my new career.”

Mark has also gotten back into running and in 2009; he participated in the Dancing with the Stars Cancer Gala. “I was the only cancer survivor in the group,” he says.

Today, we can say our Heroes” life has changed drastically. “We only have a few decades on this earth and I want to share mine with my family and friends. And along the way, I want to take time to help in curing cancer once and for all.”

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