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Remodeling ROI

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by Frank Reddy

Want to know what kinds of renovations and remodels with bring big dividends? Here’s a few projects that will make your home ready to resell or rent out.

Definitely want to call in the pros for this one. Committing to a new roof is an investment, to say the least, especially if you”re after a really good one. Expect to pay several thousand dollars, depending on the size of your home.

Get a New Deck/Restore the Old One
Home buyers will always pay more for a home with a deck or outdoor entertainment area. If you don”t have one, consider it. And if you”ve got one in need of an overhaul, it”s time to get started.

Energy-efficient windows
The heating and A/C generated by your HVAC system is a precious thing during the hot and cold months. Don”t waste it with inefficient windows that leak air.

Replace sinks and faucets
One of the most often used features of our homes is sometimes the most easily overlooked. Try installing a new sink and faucet to put a new shine on your kitchen or bathroom.

New Tub and Toilet
When considering new toilets, look for modern commodes that maximize water conservation. Toilets and tubs should be installed by a professional, unless you”re handy.

This one”s a sure money saver. You can lose heat and air through your walls, ceiling and floors. A nice layer of insulation should mitigate if not eliminate your problem. Insulation is often installed in attics and sometimes in crawlspaces, depending on humidity levels.

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