Resolving to have a better business

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Have you made your resolutions this year? Are you planning to lose weight? Save more money? Donate to charity every month? Well, what about your business? Did you make any resolutions on how to improve your business life this year?

A business, just like your personal life, can get into a rut. Every now and then, you need to do something to breathe new life into it – something to charge it up. Whether it”s a boost for your sales staff or re-flow of procedures, now is the time to reenergize and supercharge your business!

In every aspect of your business – whether accounting, personnel, marketing, etc. – are there ways that you might improve to make sure you”re on a continued road to success in 2005? We asked some of the experts in the field what businesses should be doing to make 2005 the best year yet.

Logging On to 2005

Jennifer Holmes, president of MIS Solutions, works with clients to offer technology solutions ranging from network configuration to software training. Moving into 2005, Holmes sees that businesses will be up against the challenges of spam, viruses and spyware when it comes to bettering their IT departments.

"The foundation and standards upon which the Internet and email were created are flawed," Holmes said, "meaning that the infrastructure enables such nuisances as spam, spyware and viruses."

Holmes suggests several ways businesses can protect themselves:

  • Install antivirus software, and ensure that it is updated and working at all times.
  • For organizations with more than 10 computers, it is advisable to have an enterprise antivirus package to minimize administration time and increase reliability. Try Corporate Edition Norton Antivirus.
  • Install a reliable spam blocker, like GFI MailEssentials.
  • Make sure all systems receive well-tested updates to patch unknown security holes. For example, don”t download every update posted. Some software updates have problems and can do more harm than good.
  • Have a tested and documented disaster recovery plan.

Disaster recovery plan? For my computers? That”s right. Holmes says no antivirus or spam blocker can protect you 100 percent, so you should have data backups and off-site information storage should your antivirus software fail.

For many of us, however, the world of information technology is something we know we need, we know it”s beneficial, but we don”t really want to know how it works – we just want it to work. In that case, outsourcing your IT needs may be the best solution for your company.

Holmes said businesses with 10 to 75 computers and servers don”t necessarily need a full-time IT staff member. Businesses of this size can greatly benefit by outsourcing their IT needs.

"The number one advantage is that it saves them money," said Holmes. With outsourced services, you only purchase what you need. According to H

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