SCANA Energy Celebrates Earth Week 2011 with EarthShare of Georgia

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Whether supporting a charitable cause or participating in any number of local and statewide sponsored events, SCANA Energy, a leading natural gas marketer, is an energizing force throughout Georgia.

In honor of Earth Week this April, SCANA Energy is a Land sponsor of EarthShare of Georgia, a nonprofit organization founded in 1993 that raises funds through employee giving for more than 60 environmental member organizations dedicated to conserving and protecting our air, land and water.

EarthShare of Georgia approaches this goal with the philosophy: one environment, one simple way to care for it — through providing critical funds to support their non-profit environmental member organizations.

EarthShare of Georgia member groups work hard every day to address environmental health risks, restore natural habitats, protect wildlife, reduce global warming, and much more. And, EarthShare annually certifies that member groups operate within the highest ethical and professional standards and engage in active programs on local, national and global levels.

EarthShare of Georgia also organizes three annual Earth Day events that help connect their business and environmental partners, while raising critical funds to help support their mission.

SCANA Energy is a partner with EarthShare of Georgia to work together for the day when our air, land and water are clean, abundant and healthy. Join SCANA Energy in celebrating Earth Week 2011 with EarthShare at three Atlanta events:

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