SCANA Energy Homework Centers Foster an Engaging Learning Environment

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SCANA EnergyImagine a place where learning continues when the school day is over. A place where students are eager to do their homework and getting homework help from your teacher is encouraged. At SCANA Energy”s Rockbridge and Nesbit Elementary Homework Centers, this is exactly what”s happening.

Through the SCANA Homework Centers, students in grades two through five are provided with a safe, structured after-school environment to complete class assignments and learn proper study skills. Staffed by certified teachers from the school, the centers provide students the help they need to be successful in the classroom.

As a proud partner in education with Georgia schools, SCANA Energy supports a total of seven homework centers throughout Georgia – two located in Gwinnett County. The company provides funds for two certified teachers, supplies, snacks, and student incentives that are needed in order for the homework centers to operate efficiently and effectively.

Tamara Candis, assistant principal and homework center manager at Rockbridge Elementary School, explains the benefits of this program for her school, “We are thankful for the vital role SCANA Energy is playing in the lives of students at Rockbridge Elementary with their commitment to provide a homework center. SCANA Energy has been a partner with our school for the past two years and students affectionately refer to themselves as the SCANA Energizers.”#

Over the past two years at Rockbridge Elementary, the students or# “SCANA Energizers”# have been able to meet and/or exceed expectations on local, district, and state assessments through remediation and enrichment strategies developed in the homework center.

“We value our partnership with Rockbridge Elementary and our other homework center schools.# The establishment of homework centers underscores SCANA Energy”s basic philosophy that there is a direct correlation between quality education and a quality work force,”# says Simone McKinney, media and community relations manager. “We remain committed to supporting education and improving the communities that we serve.”#

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