SCANA Energy Homework Centers Raising the Grade

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SCANA Energy considers the key to the future to lie in the success of Georgia”s students. That”s why the natural gas company has become involved in providing SCANA Energy Homework Centers – including one at Norcross Elementary School in Gwinnett – and nine other elementary schools across the state.

The school-based Homework Centers provide a safe, structured study environment where students in grades two through five can complete class assignments and learn proper study skills. Staffed by certified teachers from within the schools where they”re located, the centers are available to help students improve study habits and test-taking skills, or simply get them through tricky math problems. And, students are comfortable learning in their own school environment.

Enthusiasm is Contagious
"It is so much more than a homework club or a club where we work on test taking strategies. These kids get that extra attention, the mentoring and encouragement that so many of our kids today need to make a difference," said Laurie Demoff, a teacher at Norcross Elementary School. "These kids feel special because they were chosen to be in a special group. Their enthusiasm is contagious for me."

Education experts consistently cite the importance of after-school programs for improving overall academic performance. Nonetheless, federal and state funding for these programs continues to be cut, and each weekday, millions of children are alone and unsupervised after school.

Testing conducted at the beginning, end and periodically throughout the school year has confirmed the positive impact the SCANA Energy Homework Centers have had on students” academic performance.

Students attending the Homework Centers improved their reading scores by at least one letter grade, and maintained or improved math scores within a letter grade. Social skills improved, as students developed their self-esteem and learned how to interact with others. Class attendance also increased.

Quality Education is Key
A long-time partner in education with Georgia schools, SCANA Energy funds the costs for each of the 10 Homework Centers, including two teachers, snacks, supplies and student incentives.

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