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SCANA Energy Partners with Captain Planet Foundation on Gwinnett School Garden

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SCANA-learning-gardenMany believe there”s no limit to what you can learn from gardening.

That”s why SCANA Energy and the Captain Planet Foundation teamed up recently to bring students at a Gwinnett County elementary school a unique horticultural experience, enhancing their classroom lessons.

When students at Lawrenceville”s Holt Elementary plunge tiny hands in the dirt of the new garden at their school, they”re also immersing their minds in math, science, social studies, health and language arts.

Simone McKinney, Media and Community Relations Manager for SCANA Energy, said that the natural gas marketer “has been a partner with the Captain Planet Foundation for many years, and we are excited to embark on this new project with them to support Gwinnett County Public Schools.”#

The Holt Elementary Learning Garden is the most recent of more than 700 school gardens developed by the Captain Planet Foundation.

By integrating garden-based lessons tied to K-5 Common Core Standards, organizers hope students can enjoy the fruits of their labor while building an appreciation and understanding of food origins and natural cycles.

Established in 1991, the Captain Planet Foundation plays a critical role in helping to ensure that the next generation of business leaders and policy makers are environmentally literate citizens who leverage technology and information to manage and protect the land, air and water.

SCANA Energy, a leading natural gas marketer in Georgia, donated funding for this and other Learning Gardens in support of its partnership with the Captain Planet Foundation as part of the company”s continued commitment to education and the environment.