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Second Wind Dreams

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It”s never too late for a dream wedding!

What”s your wish? As we get older our wishes often change, but one locally based organization, Second Wind Dreams, is working to make sure that the dreams of local senior citizens don”t go unnoticed.

This summer, several lucky couples will have the chance to have their dreams fulfilled with a beautiful, full-scale wedding ceremony held at Delmar Gardens – a senior living facility in Gwinnett. Technically these couples are already married, but it will be a chance for them to renew their vows and serve as an inspiration to their community.

Rewa Hodges and Des Lilly are one of the couples planning to participate in the ceremony. The couple knew each other more than 20 years before deciding to tie the knot in a small chapel-style ceremony, a little more than a year ago. The celebration at Delmar Gardens will be an opportunity for them to experience a larger celebration than they were able to have. "We think it”s wonderful," Rewa says. "I”m looking forward to it."

Henry and Lily Russell are another couple that will be taking part in the big day. First united in a small, traditional church wedding ceremony, the couple planned a simple celebration. Henry borrowed a suit from his uncle, and the wedding party wore clothes they already owned.

Now married for 60 years, the Russells symbolize what it means to make a commitment to love someone forever.

Henry offered this advice to those thinking about getting married. Winking, he says, "Make a list of everything you want in a marriage. If the guy doesn”t agree to it, then you”ll know to mark him off your list."

Henry, who is looking forward to the big day, says the best part of the ceremony will be "another chance to kiss my wife."

The founder of Second Wind Dreams, B.K. Beville says, "Our goal with Second Wind Dreams is to change the perception of aging in local communities. Fulfilling dreams brings people together." An example was a recent fundraising event that helped raise money for the dreams.

One of the reasons fulfilling dreams is so important to those at the Second Wind Dreams organization is because it gives people a renewed since of hope. "Watching loved ones age is difficult," Beville says. "It”s always an amazing experience for families to see their loved ones in a positive light – it just brings families together. We can learn so much from our seniors."

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