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Seeing green: Make your lawn the envy of all your

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Can you see it? There are green blades of grass starting to pop up on your lawn. This means spring is here, and yard work awaits. Want a lawn that looks like the greens of the Augusta National? Take these tips into consideration when starting your annual lawn ritual.

1. If lawn areas are compacted, March is a good time to aerate. Use a core-type lawn aerator to help improve drainage and loosen soil.

2. In early March, apply a pre-emergent herbicide to established lawns to help control summer weeds.

3. Do you fescue? Time to fertilize.

4. Get our your pruning shears and get busy. Prune crape myrtles and evergreen shrubs. If you have summer flowering shrubs, wait until after they bloom.

5. In the month of April, set out annuals, perennials and other bedding plants. Apply a balanced fertilizer.

6. Fertilize azaleas and camellias immediately after bloom.

7. Roses need monthly fertilization through spring and summer.

8. You can still plant new shrubs and trees, but remember, the sooner you plant, the better.

9. Don#t cut it too short. Maintain a fescue at of 1