Serving Those in Need

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A hand-written note from an 82-year-old grandmother underscores the need and appreciation for SCANA Energy”s natural gas regulated provider program. “If I had a thousand tongues and could speak with every one, I would say “lower your heating costs with SCANA.”# Thank you!”#

SCANA Energy”s Regulated Division provides natural gas service to low income residents and those who, because of credit problems or nonpayment, have been refused service from other marketers. An additional discount is available for low-income senior citizens.# Approximately 80,000 Georgians are currently receiving service under both programs.

SCANA Energy”s Regulated Division has been the state”s only marketer selected to serve as the regulated natural gas provider since the program”s inception in 2002.# Last month, in a competitive bid, the Georgia Public Service Commission again selected SCANA to serve in this role.

“We are pleased that the Georgia Public Service Commission saw fit to retain SCANA as the regulated provider,”# said George Devlin, vice president and general manager of SCANA Energy. “It”s yet another clear acknowledgement of the excellent service that SCANA Energy has provided to Georgia”s needy customers and senior citizens.”#

SCANA Energy”s Regulated Division hosts a dedicated website to serve eligible customers, with information on how to qualify and how to sign up available at Assistance is also available by phone at 1-866-245-7742.

The Georgia General Assembly first mandated appointment of a regulated provider in 2002 to ensure that elderly and low-income Georgians were afforded access to natural gas service and has demonstrated a long-term commitment to meeting the needs of these residents. Under the Natural Gas Consumers” Relief Act, the regulated provider offers natural gas at special rates to those who meet low-income requirements set by the Georgia Department of Human Resources.

SCANA Energy shares that commitment, said Brett Newsom, SCANA Energy”s Director of Regulatory Affairs and Call Center Operations, “and we will continue to deliver excellent customer service and affordable rates to Georgia”s most needy citizens.”#

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