Skyland Trail Provides Effective Treatment Through Mental Health Assessment Practice

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Skyland Trail, a nonprofit treatment facility for adults with mental illness, is now offering a Mental Health Assessment Practice that allows individuals from Atlanta and across the country to receive a comprehensive evaluation and suggested treatment plan.

“Diagnosis drives treatment,” says Aaron Kilts, Psy.D., who performs the assessments at Skyland Trail. “If you don”t have an accurate diagnosis you may not be getting an effective form of treatment. This way, we are able to provide people with a treatment plan specifically tailored to their diagnoses.”

The Skyland Trail treatment team uses psychological testing to formulate a diagnostic report to present to the client and his or her medical team with that includes a unique, targeted plan for recovery. The client can then begin treatment at Skyland Trail, or return to their community for treatment.

“Since I work with a multi-disciplinary team, I am surrounded by people who are providing a variety of services for adults with mental illness. These dimensions of service help me stay abreast of what therapies are out there, how they work, and how to best recommend these therapies to individuals receiving a mental health assessment,” says Dr. Kilts, whose expertise is in diagnosing psychotic spectrum disorders, mood disorders, and evaluating for the presence of co-occurring cognitive impairment.

Psychological assessments can be used to gather information about educational, social, and everyday functioning, as well as identifying areas requiring therapeutic services.

“Very few organizations are able to offer the vast array of expert services that Skyland Trail is able to provide under one roof,” says Skyland Trail Vice President of Professional Services/Medical Director Ray Kotwicki, MD, MPH. “The flexibility of the assessment program will allow people from Atlanta and beyond to receive the accurate diagnosis that is vital to their recovery. This is not only an important step in providing treatment to adults with mental illness, but may go a long way in helping to de-stigmatize people with mental illnesses.”

If you would like more information about our assessment services, or wish to make a referral for a comprehensive psychological assessment, please visit or contact Dr. Aaron Kilts by phone (678) 686-5933 or

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