Sleeping Under the Stars

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Camping out is a tradition bringing families together while promising fun and adventure. Here are some tips to help make your time in the rough a bit smoother:

# Remember trash bags, an ice chest packed with ice and an 18-30 gallon insulated container for food storage.

# Be sure to have a large maglight, a gas or electric lantern, disposable lighter, waterproof matches, a solar panel and spare batteries, bulbs, lantern fuel and mantles.

# A comfortable sleeping bag is indispensable! A space blanket and ground cloth will make you more comfortable. Mattresses or pads and an air mattress inflator will make your dreams sweeter, and don#t forget your pillow. Certainly, a tent is desirable, but don#t forget the camp ax or hammer for pounding tent stakes as well as all of the important foundation elements such as stakes and a rope. A shade canopy will complete the campsite, promising relief from the bright summer sun.

# Sunscreen, bug repellent, pain relievers, antacids, antibiotic creams, tweezers (for extracting splinters and ticks), an antiseptic, Band-Aids, Benadryl tablets, allergy eyedrops, Kleenex and moist towelettes should all be in your first-aid kit.

# Cleaning and personal items should include all the standard toiletries you#d normally pack for a trip, but don#t forget plenty of toilet tissue!

# Shovels, knives, compasses, maps, fishing poles, masking tape, safety pins, a cell phone with extra battery and car adapter are important camping paraphernalia. Also, a two-way radio, camera with film, camcorder with tapes, books, money, musical instruments, bikes, binoculars, whistles, chairs, travel clocks, clotheslines, basic tools, string, boat and life jackets are other accoutrements that will make your trip to the woods something special to recall.

www/ is a great website that#ll help you remember all these details and more.