Slow and Steady! Rehab Hips AND Knees with Care

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Over a lifetime of athletics, joints – especially the hips and knees – take a lot of abuse and can become worn out. Joint replacement can help restore mobility without pain, but proper rehabilitation is the key to a great recovery. Here are some tips from the physicians at Resurgens Orthopaedics Joint Replacement Center to help athletes – of all levels — get back to their favorite sports after a total hip or knee replacement: 

  • Take It Slow
    Even if you feel ready to jump right back into your chosen sport, it’s important to let your body heal properly. 
  • Walking
    Walking is one of the very first activities you’ll do after a total joint replacement. You’ll begin by using a walker and then progress to a cane. 
  • Low Impact Activities
    Generally, low impact exercise such as swimming and bicycling are good choices to help you gain strength without putting additional stress on your new joint. 

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