Software Hits Jackpot

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It began 21 years ago with two men selling computer parts out of a basement under the business name of Inter-American Data (IAD). As Stephen Miller and John Moran watched the market, monitoring what pieces sold and what didn#t, their business kept growing as IAD met the public”s demand. Eventually becoming an IBM business partner, Miller and Moran decided in 1993 to diversify, foreseeing that software was their future. In 1993, they bought a hospitality software program from the Breakers Hotel # and dived into what would make the IAD name a buzzword among Vegas hospitality executives.

Originally developed by IBM, the Lodging Management System (LMS) software is the front office of a hotel, streamlining guest check-in, reservations, room service and a myriad of other hospitality services. LMS also links customers” gaming accounts to hotel accounts and is built on a platform that runs 24/7, so the software is always up and running # an important need in casinos since they operate all night. “IAD”s software addresses casino needs that a lot of hotel software can”t. We combined hotel and casino software to meet those unique needs,” said Bill Lashley, chief operating officer. IAD LMS software now runs almost everything dealing with the hospitality operation of huge casinos like Harrah”s and Park Place. Currently, IAD is working on developing the LMS software to include software that allows customers to book their entire hotel/casino experience # from dinner reservations to show tickets to tee times.

When Lashley joined IAD, he brought a background of years working with the casino industry. He knew what casino needs the hospitality software had to address to allow a successful hotel/casino operation. From building a new suite of IBM (delete “casino”) software in New Jersey and becoming familiar with Atlantic City gaming operations, Lashley gained the knowledge and market penetration that allowed IAD software to be accepted in the casino hospitality realm.

“Our biggest challenge is our competition # everyone wants to be in our space. But what keeps us different and on top is our customer attitude. We go out of our way to be customer driven. Our customers are always right until we convince them they”re wrong. And if they”re not convinced # they”re still right,” said Lashley.

But IAD isn”t stopping with just the LMS software # their e.FileClerk software has eliminated the need for filing cabinets. e.FileClerk allows you to scan and store all documents digitally, enables you to track documents no matter who has them and gives you the option of printing, faxing and emailing documents effortlessly. A merger earlier this year created Resolutions LLC, an IAD company that integrates electronic forms with imaging and archiving of documents. “We take documents from the cradle to the grave. Installing our software allows a company to eliminate the four to six software vendors they previously needed. Businesses can now come to us and get complete software installation, training, implementation and support and only have to deal with one vendor # IAD,” said Steve Luke, president and COO of Resolutions, LLC. In fact, Gwinnett County Public Schools” use of e.FileClerk has saved them time and money by reducing their paper flow, ensuring faster location of records and increasing productivity.

As Miller, CEO of IAD, said, “We”ve invented an easy way to make document imaging happen. As with all of our software, it”s a matter of being in the right place at the right time with the right product.”

No wonder IAD products are making a name for themselves all over Gwinnett and the world as true world-class products. For more information on IAD, call 1-800-241-8768 or visit