Soothing Body and Soul

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by April Cameron

We take care of our bodies with exercise, doctor visits and such, but what about our souls? Sometimes, we need to rejuvenate our inner-most selves and not just the body we are moving around in from day to day.

Mindwalks: 100 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress, Stay Motivated, and Nourish Your Soul incorporates a walking routine with soul soothing exercises to help give your "inner" attitude a better perspective.

The book combines mental exercises and meditations to make your walk more productive and relaxing. MindWalks teaches you how to use walking time to solve problems, work through stress and work through emotions. The book also offers techniques to simply enjoy the world around you – making your time more relaxing and fun.

Author Mary Frakes writes that MindWalks are about discovery. Whether discovering something new in your surroundings or gaining a better sense of self, her mental exercises make each walk you take full of purpose.

Consider her plan of matching your steps to your stress. Frakes writes, "We experience two different types of stress – one mental, one physical – and different types of MindWalks work in different ways to help us cope with each one."

Frakes offers these tips:

  • If your tension is largely mental, try a calm, relaxed pace. Walk more slowly than you might otherwise. Clear your mind by paying attention to your surroundings instead of dwelling on whatever is causing you tension.

  • When you”re feeling physical stress, walking briskly can help burn off adrenaline-induced energy. When you”re really ticked off from a major confrontation – that”s the time to get out and MOVE.

With humor and practical advice MindWalks turns an ordinary activity into something with deeper meaning.

For more information, visit your nearest bookstore or log onto www.MindWalks.com.

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