Strength In Arts

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Gwinnett is known for its leading educational system, business-friendly atmosphere, wonderful small towns, great shopping and strong neighborhoods. And yet, those who call Gwinnett home say there is room for improvement in one quality of life driver – arts and culture.

In fact, 90 percent of residents say that arts are "personally important" to them, and 40 percent of them believe Gwinnett "needs a wider variety of arts opportunities," according to a scientific poll of 600 Gwinnett County residents conducted by the Schapiro Group Inc.

Like any industry, smart investment is crucial to driving growth in arts organizations, and that is why the Arts and Tourism subcommittee for Partnership Gwinnett is undertaking major steps to strengthen the arts. We can all agree – NOW is the time for a cohesive strategy for strengthening Gwinnett”s arts!

The current non-profit arts landscape yields a $10 million local economic impact. Imagine how much greater this impact would be if we could keep just a fraction of the 92 percent of residents who leave the county for arts-related activities. And that is just one reason why the Arts and Tourism subcommittee of Partnership Gwinnett is proud to announce StrengthInArts, an independent initiative that will be a smarter way to think about enhancing the arts in Gwinnett.

Its purpose will be fulfilled through the initiative”s three primary aspects:

Consolidated Fundraising – is at the heart of SIA. The initiative gives corporations, private donors and even public funding sources a well-managed, financially sound place to come together.

Smarter Grantmaking – Grant money from SIA consolidated fund-raising efforts will be awarded competitively only to Gwinnett arts organizations. We”ll also enlist the expertise of an existing grant making organization to help us focus our efforts.

Coordination and Cooperation – is how SIA cultivates organizational effectiveness and efficiencies among artists and organizations. Plans call for expanding the already existing arts marketing efforts of the GCVB, as well as creating a new Symposium! Series. This will be an opportunity for arts groups to collectively develop strategic best practices in business, marketing and creativity.

Very soon, we”ll be announcing more details and finalizing plans for SIA”s first strategic initiatives. Take a moment to view the upcoming arts events at www.gcvb.org. You may be surprised by the diversity of events that you will find!