Summer Camps at Johns Creek Presbyterian Preschool

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June 4-8 Adventures in Reading! Our friend Curious George will take your child camping & hiking where they will make a camp site with a tent and pretend campfire, and don”t forget the binoculars when they search for interesting birds and bugs. Next, it”s off to the beach with Clifford the Big Red Dog as they comb the beach for hidden treasure. Our last adventure will be a trip with Arthur to see what happens every day at the farm.# As an added bonus, the campers will have two special guests during the week: a children”s author and a lifeguard!

June 18-22 It Flies in the Sky: Soar on wings of eagles – sit at the controls of an airplane – hover in a helicopter – climb in the basket of a hot air balloon – fly a kite!# Children will make eagle”s wings and sit in an eagle”s nest.# They will build airplanes and dress in a pilot uniform. They will even get to command a control tower. Campers will pretend they are flying alongside their kites. Get ready to SOAR with all things that fly in the sky!

August 6-10 Go for the Gold! Run, jump, throw, and balance!# Campers will explore the world of the Olympics – preschool style.# Our children will train like champions, eat like Olympians, and even receive medals in an award ceremony!# These young Olympians will make and throw a javelin, sprint and jump “hurdles”#, tumble and balance like a gymnast, and receive bronze, silver, and gold medals!# They will explore foods, flags, and customs of participating countries.# We will even host a closing ceremony at the end of the week!

August 13-17 Camp Curiosity: Where do fish sleep?# Why does my shadow follow me? When I throw a ball up, why does it fall?# What does a turtle do when he is inside his shell?# How do spiders make a web?# Your curious child will explore the answers to these and many other questions using their five senses.# This is the week for Curious Campers!

The preschool is currently registering for the 2012-2013 preschool year. Classes are available for 1″s, 2″s, 3″s, pre-K, and young 5″s.

Contact the preschool at 770-476-1166,, or visit for more information and pricing. Tours of the preschool are available.


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