Summer Camps

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With summer just around the corner, parents are on the lookout for something for their kids to do. For many, that means camp.

Camp can be a wonderful learning opportunity for your kids. They can learn physical skills through activities like swimming, sports and archery. They learn how to interact with other people and are given opportunities to take on leadership roles.

But how do you find the right camp for your children? There are basically two types of camps: day camps and resident (or overnight or sleep-away) camps. Within these categories, there are camps that cater to children with special needs and camps that focus on specific activities like chess or computers and even race car driving! Ask your child what he or she is interested in, and find a camp that matches up.

When choosing the right camp for your kids, begin your search early. Camps in high demand fill up quickly, so if you wait until May, you may be out of luck. Most day camps make their enrollment applications available in February or March and fill up soon after.

The American Camping Association, an organization of camping professionals, can provide information about camp fairs in your area. You can also search their site for camps nationwide at