Susan Boland Butts – Hi-Hope Service Center

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Susan Boland Butts,
Chief Executive Officer
Hi-Hope Service Center
2011 Pinnacle Non-Profit Award Winner (large)

For last 50 years, Hi-Hope Service Center has improved the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.
Through their weekly programs, supportive employment services and residential group homes, the center has increased individuals” opportunities to contribute to their community, whether through working, volunteering or participating in community activities.

With the vision of providing many options for disabled adults, the center focuses on a person-centered practice. Their goal is to balance what is important “to” someone, like relationships, hobbies and learning new things, with what is important “for” them, like assistance with daily living, clothing and shelter. “Success stories abounded about individuals who were able to identify and participate in new activities which gave meaning to their lives,”# says Chief Executive Officer Susan Boland Butts.

The center has also been a significant contributor to Gwinnett”s economy. “Federal and state tax dollars are returned to Gwinnett because of the services we offer, and foundation and corporate grants made to Hi-Hope increase dollars spent in the county,” said Butts. Hi-Hope”s total payroll of $3.1 million aids the overall economy, which contributes to providing wellness and health services to individuals and families that need those most of all.

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