Suwanee Dentist Gives $200,000 in Free Dental Care to Deserving Women

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Deserving Divas 2011

Do you know a woman who is a pillar in the local community, but has a severe dental need? She gives what she has, consistently puts others before herself and puts her whole heart into everything she does?# If you know someone who fits this description, Dr. Bill Williams of Suwanee Dental Care may be able to help with a Deserving Diva Smile Makeover, which is accepting submissions for consideration now through November 30.

In 2009, Dr. Williams created the Deserving Diva Smile Makeover Contest to give back to women who are doing so much good in the community, but yet have a great dental need. In 2010, the first year of the program, the public nominated almost three hundred women in just the first month. Touched by the number of Deserving Divas in the community, Dr. Williams could not limit the giveaway to just one lucky winner, so instead he and his associates at Suwanee Dental Care chose four women.

In 2011, the program gave away three more complete smile makeovers.# In 2010 and 2011 alone, Suwanee Dental Care gave away $200,000 of treatment to seven very deserving ladies whose lives have been dramatically changed and impacted by this gift.# From Gwinnett County school teachers and para-professionals to minister”s wives, public speakers, caretakers and domestic violence survivors, Suwanee Dental Care has affected the futures of these ladies through changing how others see them and how they view themselves.

Other local businesses heard the buzz about the Deserving Diva Smile Makeover and its impact and offered their services to complete a total makeover for these ladies. Reformation Productions donated their photography services at their special smile reveal party. Cody Smith of Revival Hair Salon donated hair and make-up services every year to each winner.# Panache Consignment donated clothing and accessories for each woman”s big reveal in August. Pittman and Advanced Ceramics dental labs have additionally donated everything Dr. Williams needed to complete each ladies smile makeover. “Having an amazing community come around us has been the key to the success of the Deserving Diva program,”# said Dr. Williams.

Dr. Williams was so deeply touched by the dramatic effect these smile makeovers have had on the lives of these seven women that he has decided to shift the long-term goal of the Deserving Diva project into becoming a 501c3 foundation. This will take the program from smile makeovers and turn it into a non-profit with hopes to rally other local dentists to take part in this charity, as well as continuing to partner with other businesses and uniting the community to make a bigger impact for these women.

After another successful year in 2011, with three more Deserving Divas, Suwanee Dental Care is now accepting nominations for next year”s journey. Anyone can submit a nomination of a deserving Atlanta-area woman between October 1 and November 30 for the 2012 program.# To find out how you can suggest a Deserving Diva or partner with Suwanee Dental Care, go to or visit the Deserving Diva Foundation Facebook page.

Suwanee Dental Care is a general practice that offers a wide variety of services from general check ups and orthodontics to cosmetic, implant and sedation dentistry.# The doctors of Suwanee Dental Care pride themselves in offering everything under one roof and the quality of care that patients deserve.# For more information on Suwanee Dental Care or the Deserving Diva program call 770-614-7300.

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