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Tan, Tone and Tofutti

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But the thought of that little bit on your thighs that you#d like moved to a more strategic location or the paunch that#s still there a year after Junior#s delivery or the fact that your skin hasn#t seen the light of day since last summer keeps you moving on.

As you sigh and wander through the suits designed to hide anything, including any possible hint of style, wouldn#t it be great to just pick out what you wanted, knowing you#d look great? Then you should join the tan, tone and tofutti crowd!

You know the type # they#ve got the perfect tan, no signs of flab anywhere and you never catch them eating non-organic foods. But before you start sweating just thinking about soy burgers and tofutti, relax. Getting in shape doesn#t take drastic measures # it just takes making a lifestyle change for the better.

As Dr. Phil and other gurus advocate, it#s not about crash diets or unbelievable workout routines but mainly eating and exercising the right way.

You have about three months before it#s do-or-die swimsuit time, plenty of time to get off to a good start. Change your eating habits. Cut out the junk food and concentrate on low-fat, high-fiber foods in smaller portions, plus lots of water. Also try adding one fruit or vegetable to your meals and packing lunch for work. You#ll be amazed what cutting out fast food will do! If you have to munch, choose baked chips, pretzels, yogurt or fruit.

Forgo the tanning bed or outdoor rays # neither one is healthy. Instead, invest in sunless tanner, one that blends well with your skin and goes on evenly, without streaks!

If you#ve been a complete winter couch potato and haven#t done any exercising, start off slowly. Don#t think you can take up where you left off last summer. Do about half of what you were used to doing and work up. Have a consistent workout routine # at least three times a week for 30 minutes or more. Find someone to work out with and keep you accountable. It#s much easier to stay on track if you#ve got a buddy involved. You also can check out one of Gwinnett#s many health and fitness clubs such as LA Fitness or Curves for Women and get the advantage of high-tech equipment and knowledgeable trainers.

Who knows, you may even develop a liking for tofutti!