Techno-geeks unite!

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by April Cameron

I”ll admit it. I”ve always been behind the times when it comes to technology. I was the last of everyone I know to get a CD player. I was still enjoying tapes on a regular basis. I was the last one to get a cell phone. I just didn”t see the point. I just got my very own home PC less than a year ago. I know! How did I ever live without it?

But since I recently got my very own iPod and camera phone, I suddenly feel very hip to the technology available to make our lives easier, more convenient and just more fun. From home conveniences to making life easier on the road, inventors and scientists just keep coming up with this stuff, and we”re the lucky ones who get the benefits.

Home Conveniences
There”s never been a greater need for our home life to be simple than there is today. With most families having parents who work outside the home, whatever can make life simple once you get back to your abode is better.

Much attention has been given to home appliance technology. Just a year or so ago, Whirlpool released the Polara oven that would keep your food cool (like a refrigerator) until a specified time, and then heat it up in time for dinner. Washers and dryers have become more ergonomically correct with front-loading options and being built with platforms to be at a more user-friendly level. We”ve just recently seen refrigerators from LG Electronics with televisions built right in so one of America”s favorite pastimes never has to be passed up on just because you”re in the kitchen cooking or cleaning or even dining.

For the Office
The office is probably the place that actually does see advanced technology before other areas of our lives, but in today”s world, the technology is more about doing business away from the office, rather than in the office.

Business people are on the go more than ever with traveling to clients, regional meetings or coast-to-coast travel for sales. Technology advances have been widely evident by the boom of laptop computers and hand-held organizers. Remember when a blackberry was just a fruit?

From "smart phones" to "smart pens," business people are taking advantage of the latest advances. The PalmOne Treo 650 is a full- featured mobile phone with email, a Palm organizer, messaging and web access. The VPen is still just a prototype, but when a final version hits stores it will be able to take text written on paper and wirelessly transfer it to a PDA or laptop.

Wireless communications, video technologies and more keep those in the business world more mobile and more accessible in order to increase their business reach.

Just for Fun
Most people remember their first computer because you could play video games on it. Others can certainly remember the switch from albums to tapes to CDs. Technology for the entertainment aspect of our lives may be the one we keep up with the most often, and it has never been greater than what it is today.

MP3 used to just sound like a military term to me, but it is practically common-day language, and certainly to Generation X or Y or whatever they are now. Downloading music, uploading pictures…who can keep up with it all?

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