Ten Things to Do on Your Christmas Break

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School”s out! Here are few ideas for teens to make their Christmas Break memorable:

  1. Light Up Your Vacation
    Take at trip to Lake Lanier Islands to enjoy the World”s Largest Light Extravaganza, Magical Nights of Lights, with your family.
  2. Do a Good Deed: Everyone deserves a Merry Christmas, so take the time to volunteer at a food bank or donate a toy to a family in need.
  3. Have a Girls” Night:
    Gather up the girls for a slumber party, eat s”mores by the fireplace and watch the Twilight movies. Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
  4. Go Ice Skating
    Ask your crush to go ice skating with you at the IceForum in Duluth.
  5. Bake Cookies
    Relive those wonderful childhood memories by decorating gingerbread cookies with your mom and siblings.
  6. Go on a Karaoke Crawl
    Gather your crew, go to the hottest karaoke spot and sing your all-time favorite songs.
  7. Enjoy an Old Fashion Christmas
    Celebrate Christmas at Stone Mountain Park with a nightly Christmas Parade and lots and lots of twinkling lights.
  8. Shop “Til You Drop
    Go to mall and buy your family those gifts they have been dying for all year. Maybe even pick out something for yourself!
  9. Be a Gleek
    There”s nothing better to do on a cold winter”s day than catch-up on the Glee episodes you missed during the school year.
  10. Apply to College
    It may not be a ton of fun, but preparing for your future is important. By starting the college application process now you will be better prepared for next semester.