The Kid Will Eat the Middle of the Oreo First

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Innovation, ingenuity and vision are often the cornerstone of entrepreneurial businesses. Countless hours spent in pursuit of the better mousetrap. If only we could think of one of those million dollar ideas. If only we could come out with some product or service that took off like wildfire and made us rich. If only we too could come up with that one great idea we”d be set for life. Right?

I”d argue that the world is full of great ideas. Opportunities lie on every corner. More ideas than you can comprehend. I also think for every great idea you see on the market there are thousands and thousands that never made it out of the minds of creators. They just never got traction. Never made it to fruition.

Did they lack vision? Maybe, but most likely not the case.# You”ve heard about vision? Visionary leadership is critical to success. It”s a well-covered topic. Just check out how many books and articles are written about vision. For the most part, I think business folks get the vision thing pretty well. Start with the outcome in mind – a great mental exercise and goal- setting tool indeed. Good leaders do it often. However, the great ones who are really successful don”t stop there.

They see the beginning: the birth of the idea. They see the outcome: the reward of the finished product. But, they also see the middle. Seeing the middle with finite detail and being able to implement those steps are the keys to bringing ideas to market. I”ve seen plenty of people with great ideas. And, plenty who can articulate an end result. Many can tell you step one and step ten. The most successful are the ones who see the middle steps.

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