The Language of Weight Loss

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Is “junk talk”# making you fat?
by David Cunningham

Getting fit and losing weight is a national obsession for Americans and no wonder, given the obesity and weight problems that plague so many of us. And while most people focus on exercise and diet plans in their struggle with fat, few realize the role that talk plays in our success or failure at losing weight.

Most of us know intuitively that self-talk# – thoughts such as “this diet isn”t working, nothing will,”# or “just one little bite won”t hurt”# – can sabotage our best efforts to lose weight. So it should not be a surprise that the conversations we have with others also have a lot to do with whether or not we are able to successfully lose weight.

In short, we need to pay attention to what comes out of our mouths as well as what goes in them! Language is a powerful tool that can work for or against you. If we talk longingly about a chocolate cake or a cheese-smothered pizza or Mexican dish, for instance, we should not be surprised when we ignore our diets and choose overindulgence over healthy eating.

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