The Legal Vision – Gwinnett Attorneys Respond to Challenging Times

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Since 2008, the lingering news and commentary about the economic landscape has been difficult to escape. Bailouts, bankruptcies and foreclosures have all been common words in our vocabulary when discussing the state of the U.S. economy. But in the offices of Gwinnett attorneys, there”s good news and opportunity for the lawyers and their firms alike to redefine themselves, their practices and their relationships with their clients.

Several Gwinnett attorneys gave us the inside story on the new ways they are providing service to their clients and the proactive approaches they are taking to respond to the issues their clients are confronting.

A Change in Legal Services

Gwinnett is known for its significant real estate base. People from all over Georgia and the country, desire to live in our community for its fantastic overall standard of living. However, since the collapse of real estate market, many attorneys have had to redirect their services in order to assist a struggling clientele.

Attorney Tracey Mason Blasi chose to change the focus of her practice, “I did re-zoning work for developers and the economy has caused a significant impact on that area of my practice. Because that area of my practice is slow, I redirect and build other aspects of my business like mediation.” Mediation has been a great alternative for clients who wish to save on costly litigation expenses and avoid the stress of a courtroom battle.

Attorney Margaret Gettle Washburn understands that often clients don”t have the money to pay attorney”s fees, which leads to an increase in mediation and a positive trend – people are more willing to be reasonable. She has seen clients work out their cases before expending their money to go to court. “People don”t fight till their last dime anymore because it really is their last dime,” said Washburn.

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