This Survivor Grabs All Life Has to Give

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Hunter Gossard is a real outdoorsman and avid fisherman who recently upped his game and now casts from a kayak. For his birthday, this fifth grader got a fish finder to mount on his kayak.

“I enjoy fishing, especially kayak fishing,”# explains Hunter, “When I finally reel one in, I feel like I finally succeeded by putting all my patience into watching a rod and a line.”#

His mom, Michelle says, “Hunter catches big fish. I don”t know if it”s luck or skill, but he has an affinity for fishing.”# Even when on vacation or traveling to a baseball tournament – playing ball is Hunter”s other passion – the Gossards bring their kayaks so that Hunter can wet a hook.

This leukemia survivor recently learned that he has “graduated” to the survivors” clinic at The Aflac Cancer Center and Blood Disorders Service of Children”s Healthcare of Atlanta. Hunter is three years post-cancer treatment and Michelle reports that he doesn”t seem to have any after effects. In fact, Hunter”s doctor told his parents that you”d never know that he”d had leukemia.

In the meantime, this family loves life. Michelle confides, “We don”t have as much anxiety these days as we do gratefulness. Life seems to get more normal with each year, but we”ll probably only ever get pretty close to normal.”#

Normal for Hunter means doing things he likes. When playing baseball, he is just as comfortable shagging balls at second base as right field. Michelle, a Gwinnett County school teacher, feels that although Hunter is “still driven”# – in play, in school, romping with his dog Zelda and life in general – he has relaxed.

Hunter tells other children battling cancer to, “take it one step at a time. Don”t get overwhelmed with all the treatments the doctors give you.”#