To Do or to Undo? There Is No Question

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by Jim Maran

The answer is most certainly undo. The Gwinnett Chamber”s Public Policy efforts represent the interests of its members – the individuals with personal stake – at the local, state and federal levels, advocating issues of major importance to the community”s economic vitality and quality of life as outlined by the Partnership Gwinnett strategy. Over the last few years, we have been party to numerous successes through lobbying efforts at the State capitol. From education and water to transportation and tax reform, the Chamber has partnered with regional and statewide leaders to bring about results. Interestingly enough, however, results don”t always have to be in the form of getting a bill or an act passed. Sometimes it can mean working to undo some of the many restrictions that government has placed on the individual business owner or manager.

While tax reform and budget cuts are being debated at all levels of government, the one thing we can do is advocate deregulation. An example is through reducing government regulation of business and banking. With this single motion, financial support and capital needed for new businesses and entrepreneurs to grow becomes more readily available, creating jobs and wealth for Americans, Georgians and Gwinnettians. According to many sources today, this is the key to economic recovery. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, experts shared, “New businesses are the most important source of jobs and a key driver of the innovation and productivity gains that raise long-term living standards.”# So, we need deregulation to help further our efforts in job growth and wealth creation.

Right now, government can help business the most by allowing capitalism and free enterprise to run their course without interference. This is one of the main reasons for which the Gwinnett Chamber sees public policy as a huge part of its overall product offering to the business community and why it maintains such solid government ties and connections. At this year”s Pinnacle Small Business Awards, evidence of these strong ties was demonstrated with brief remarks from honored guest, Congressman Rob Woodall. At that event, Woodall briefly shared a conversation that he and I recently had regarding what government can be doing for the Chamber and its constituents. He recalled my response and shared it with the audience – Stop doing things and start undoing them.

Chambers all across America representing pro-business environments have rapidly become far more relevant than ever before when it comes to legislation and governmental affairs. It is our duty to ensure and cultivate a friendly business environment for our members. So, if you are on the fence about what the Chamber can do for you, know that we are not only in business to grow your business; we”re in business to make sure government helps you as well, even if it means staying out of your way.

For more information, visit our website ( and take a close look at our Public Policy programs and council.

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