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Staples Launches Business Hub

WorkplaceTrends_GMAG_WebThe start-up culture prevalent in today”s economy has riddled the marketplace with solopreneurs. Money management, according to a recent small business survey released by Staples, Inc., is an ongoing issue for many. Among the metro Atlanta small business owners surveyed, 40 percent wish they”d known more about management before starting their business.

Responding to this need, Staples has created an online resource, Business Hub, to help small business owners cope with finance challenges and other business concerns. At a more grassroots level, Staples encourages participation through its Succeed small business community on LinkedIn.

Find tips and advice from industry experts at, along with tools to help meet looming business challenges.

Workplace Trends
Changing Office Furniture Styles Show Broader Shifts in How We Work

  1. Collaboration
    Workplaces are becoming flatter, resulting in more modular and versatile furniture designs for changeable configurations.
  2. All In
    Executives are more hands on so chair designs now have tuck-away tablets for CEOs to use iPads and smart phones.
  3. Work-a-holics
    Whether on a break, eating lunch, or waiting in a lobby, comfortable seating options that have armrests are must.
  4. Creativity
    Office furniture is becoming more colorful with more artistic options to encourage creativity in the workplace.
  5. Tech-enabled
    Using multiple devices has become mainstream, inspiring office desk designs that keep all tech wires organized.
  6. Individuality
    Office chairs are being designed for long hours and up to 16 ergonomic configurations for unprecedented customization.
  7. Sustainability
    Companies that value the environment invest in furniture with low chemical emissions made from recyclable material.
  8. Homebound
    Demand is growing for stylish, efficient and comfortable home office furniture designed, many times, to fit smaller spaces.

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